Experience Berkeley Ambassador Program

Due to the volume of applications we receive each year for our Experience Berkeley Mentorship Program for High School Students, we are unable to offer admission to all who apply to our Mentorship Program.  Students who apply, but are not accepted into our Mentorship Program, will automatically be offered the opportunity to still receive assistance and support with their college application process, through our Ambassador Program. 

Students who accept the offer to enroll in our Ambassador program will have access to the same valuable information that we provide in our Mentorship Program. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the benefits of opting to enroll in our Ambassador Program:

  1. You will receive monthly email newsletters with information on the following topics:
    • UC Application 101- What do you need to know before you apply to UC’s? We’ll also share tips oh how to write a strong Personal Insight Question (PIQ) response. PIQ’s are the personal statement questions for the UC Application.
    • College majors- How to Choose the Right College Major for You?
    • Scholarships- How to Find Scholarships to Apply to and How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay
    • FAFSA/Dream Act- How to apply for Financial Aid. We’ll breakdown the different types of financial aid that you’ll receive (loans, grants, scholarships,) and how to secure $$$ if you or your parents are undocumented.
  2. You will receive access to free webinars, where you can receive additional information about the topics mentioned above.
    • These webinars will be live, online presentations, where Experience Berkeley program staff will share valuable information about applying to college. During Webinars,  students may also ask any questions they have and will receive answers in real-time.
    • Webinars will be approximately 1 hour long and will take place in the months of August, September, October, and November


For more information, please contact us at EB@stileshall.org.