The Art and Practice of Mindfulness and Meditation 

Develop your own meditation practice, and incorporate the principles of mindfulness into your daily life.

W 12-1, 2 units, Jeff Oxendine

Navigating Berkeley

Black/Latinx/Native American transfer students build community and connect with key campus resources.

M 2-4, 2 units, Enrique Marroquin 

NavCal: Acquiring Social Capital

NavCal assists incoming non-traditional students in their navigating of Cal through hands-on/touch approach – where current students coach and mentor incoming students by passing on their own knowledge/experiences of their adjustment to Cal.

M, W 9:30-11:30, Mach Hoang

Ethnic Studies 194: Developing as a Researcher

Self-exploration, critically discuss, and engage in processes central to developing research skills.

W 2-4,  2 units (graded)

Facing You, Facing Me:  Race, Class & Gender

Student leaders from exceptionally diverse backgrounds develop intimate bonds while confronting racism, sexism, classism & homophobia.

W 2-5, 2 units, David Stark, Ashea Fuller


Provides internships, professional networks, and practical skills for nontraditional students, while maintaining agency, cultural roots, and contributing to their communities.

M 3-5 Entrepreneurship

Th 3-5 Pathways, Rashida Hanif

Black Men’s Collective

Supportive, affirming, non-judgmental community for Black men at predominantly white institutions.

Friday 5-7, Milan Drake, William Jackson, Aaron Harvey