David Stark has been the Executive Director of Stiles Hall since 1997 and been a part of the program for over 20 years. He is the founder and co-instructor of the Facing You, Facing Me seminar. Previously he worked for eight years with the largest metropolitan voluntary desegregation program in the country.

 Jonathan Nussur is the Director of Experience Berkeley High School Program at Stiles Hall. Jonathan graduated from UC Berkeley in 2011 with a degree in American Studies and an emphasis in Health Disparities in Minority Communities. Since graduating from Berkeley, he’s spent time conducting health research and coordinating health interventions. His favorite things: traveling, football, and the Ninja Turtles!

 Enrique Marroquín is the Experience Berkeley Transfer Director and transferred from Pasadena City College to UC Berkeley majoring in English. 

Itcelia Segoviano is the Director of Community Service. She is a fourth year majoring in Legal Studies and minoring in Education. She has worked with Hermanas Unidas for three years and plans to attend Law school after her undergrad.

Meikko Lee is the Program Director of BSC V and has a BA in English from UCSB. “Reading equates to knowledge; knowledge is power; and with an open mind you can open so many doors.”

Linda Smith is our wonderful Office Manager. She is a UC Berkeley Alum with a specialty in Early Childhood Development. She blesses our home and stomachs with her wonderful cooking.

Marilyn Kihara is the Controller for the past 21 and has Marilynworked with Stiles Hall for 39 years, serving in 1975 as the Director of Educational Guidance Center.