Stiles Hall was the single most valuable and meaningful experience I had during my years at Cal.

Thelton Henderson, Federal Judge

Those were extraordinary times. I’m still friends with many of the students I met through Stiles.


Bill Lockyer, former California State Attorney General

barbara-lee-001Stiles Hall mentoring programs are an unqualified success.

Representative Barbara Lee

The long and effective championship by Stiles Hall of the principles of democracy and the ideals of justice and social service are high testimonials to the quality of both its leadership and its membership over the years.


Clark Kerr, former University of California President

YMCA_99_Yoritada-WadaNo one passes through Stiles Hall without having something done to his heart.

Yoritada Wada, former Chair, UC Board of Regents

Whenever I feel uncertain about ANYTHING I can talk to someone at Stiles and they will lead me in thephoto 

right direction. It was the first place at Cal that I felt at home.

Marisa Monier, Transfer Student